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adumpcat -- query a catalog and capture the results


adumpcat catalog output ra dec size


The name of the catalog to be queried. Catalog names have the form catalog@site, e.g. "usno2@noao". The catalog address and query format are stored in a record called catalog in the catalog configuration file.
The name of the output query results file. The query results are written to the output file without modification, i.e. they may contain comments, HTML markup, etc as well as the object list.
The right ascension of the field center in the units expected by the catalog query. The value of ra replaces the default value of the ra query parameter.
The declination of the field center in the units expected by the catalog query. The value of dec replaces the default value of the dec query parameters. It may be necessary to add or remove a leading + to make the query work correctly.
The field size in units expected by the catalog query. The value of size replaces the default value of the width, ra/xwidth, dec/ywidth, hwidth, x/rahwidth, y/dechwidth, or radius query parameters as appropriate.
catdb = ")_.catdb"
The catalog configuration file. The name of the catalog configuration file defaults to the value of the package parameter of the same name. The default configuration file is "astcat$lib/catdb.dat".


Adumpcat is a simple catalog access debugging task which queries the astrometric catalog catalog , captures the results, and writes them to the file output without modification.

The user must supply values for the query parameters ra, dec, and one or more of the size query parameters width, ra/xwidth, dec/ywidth, hwidth, ra/xhwidth, dec/yhwidth, or radius by specifying appropriate values for the ra , dec , and size parameters in the units expected by the catalog query. These values are treated as strings and passed directly to the catalog query without coordinate transformations or units conversions.

The catalog configuration file catdb contains a record for each supported catalog . This record contains the catalog address, the query format, and the output format. The default configuration file is "astcat$lib/catdb.dat".

The output of adumpcat can be used to refine the catalog record in the catalog configuration file.


1. List the supported catalogs, select a catalog to query, make the query, and capture the results. The aclist task is used to list the supported catalogs, as well as to list the query and output formats for the selected catalog as shown below. The query format tells the user that the input ra and dec must be entered in J2000 sexigesimal hours and degrees and that the size parameter is a halfwidth in minutes. In this case the results containing leading and trailing comments and HTML markup as shown below.

cl> aclist *

cl> aclist usno2@noao verb+
Scanning catalog database astcat$lib/catdb.dat
Listing the supported catalogs
nquery 4
    ra 00:00:00.00 hours %0.2h
    dec 00:00:00.0 degrees %0.1h
    hwidth 5.0 minutes %0.1f
    qsystem J2000.0 INDEF %s
nheader 1
    csystem J2000.0
nfields 4
    ra 1 0 d hours %12.3h
    dec 2 0 d degrees %12.2h
    mag1 3 0 r INDEF %4.1f
    mag2 4 0 r INDEF %4.1f

cl> adumpcat usno2@noao2 m51.res 13:29:53.27 +47:11:48.4 10.0

cl> page m51.res

HTTP/1.1 200 OK^M
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 20:59:46 GMT^M
Server: Apache/1.2.6^M
Connection: close^M
Content-Type: text/html^M

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>USNO search results</TITLE><BODY>
<body bgcolor="#FFF9E6"><H1>USNO extraction (00:00:00.0 :00:00:00)</H1><P>
Output columns are RA, DEC, Red mag. (E/F) , and Blue mag. (O/J)<P>
<P><H2>Region number  Z= 825 RA(           0:       60000)  SPD(    32339999:
 00:00:01.443   -0:06:57.52  13.5  15.2<BR>
 00:00:01.574   -0:05:33.26  16.1  18.0<BR>
 00:00:39.326   -0:00:47.83  14.6  16.9<BR>
 00:00:39.650   -0:02:02.64  18.8  19.4<BR>
<P><H2>Region number  Z= 825 RA(   129539999:   129600000)  SPD(    32339999:
 23:59:20.351   -0:09:34.07  18.3  19.5<BR>
 23:59:21.065   -0:01:18.44  17.4  19.1<BR>
 23:59:59.737   -0:03:54.75  10.5  12.4<BR>
 23:59:59.930   -0:01:57.84  18.1  18.6<BR>
<P><H2>Region number  Z= 900 RA(           0:       60000)  SPD(    32400000:
 00:00:00.503    0:06:07.90  18.0  19.5<BR>
 00:00:02.568    0:05:07.93  18.3  19.4<BR>
 00:00:39.056    0:02:11.91  18.4  19.2<BR>
 00:00:39.978    0:09:54.59  18.6  19.5<BR>
<P><H2>Region number  Z= 900 RA(   129539999:   129600000)  SPD(    32400000:
 23:59:21.198    0:07:43.82  18.7  19.3<BR>
 23:59:21.364    0:08:05.09  18.4  19.6<BR>
 23:59:57.729    0:03:36.13  18.0  19.2<BR>
 23:59:59.460    0:08:42.02  19.2  19.7<BR>
<HR><P><P> Found       193 Entries<P><HR>
  Central Computer Services, National Optical Astronomy Observatories,
  950 N. Cherry Ave., P.O. Box 26732,
  Tucson, AZ  85726, Phone: 520-318-8000, FAX: 520-318-8360
  <P>Updated: 04Aug1998</address></body></html>




aclist, agetcat

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