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adumpim -- query an image survey and capture the results in a fits file


adumpim imsurvey output ra dec size


The name of the image survey to be queried. Image survey names have the form survey@site, e.g. "dss2@cadc". The image survey address and query format are stored in a record called imsurvey in the image survey configuration file.
The name of the output query results file. The query results are written to the output file without modification, but at present they are implictly assumed to be in fits format. Users should append a ".fits" extension to the output file name if they wish the output file to be visible to IRAF as a FITS image.
The right ascension of the field center in the units expected by the image survey query. The value of ra replaces the default value of the ra query parameter.
The declination of the field center in the units expected by the image survey query. The value of dec replaces the default value of the dec query parameters. It may be necessary to add or remove a leading + sign from in order to make the query function correctly.
The field size in units expected by the image survey query. The value of size replaces the default value of the width, xwidth, ywidth, hwidth, hxwidth, and hywidth query parameters as appropriate.
imdb = ")"
The image survey configuration file. The name of the image survey configuration file defaults to the value of the imdb package parameter. The default configuration file is "astcat$lib/imdb.dat".


Adumpim is a simple image survey access debugging task which queries the image survey imsurvey , captures the results, and writes them to the file output without modification.

The user must supply values for the query parameters ra, dec, and one or more of the size query parameters width, xwidth, ywidth, hwidth, xhwidth, or yhwidth, by specifying appropriate values for the ra , dec , and size parameters in the units expected by the image survey query. These values are treated as strings and passed directly to the image survey query without coordinate transformations or units conversions.

The image survey configuration file imdb contains a record for each supported imsurvey . This record contains the image survey address, the query format, and the output format. The default image survey configuration file is "astcat$lib/imdb.dat".

The output of adumpim can be used to refine the image survey record in the image survey configuration file.


1. List the supported image surveys, select an image survey to query, make the query and capture the results. The aslist task is used to list the supported image surveys and the query and output formats for the selected image survey as shown below. The query format tells the user that the input ra and dec must be in sexigesimal hours and degrees and in the J2000 coordinate system that the size parameter is a radius in minutes.

cl> aslist *

cl> aslist dss2@cadc verb+
Scanning image surveys database astcat$lib/imdb.dat
Listing the supported image surveys
wcs dss
nwcs 10
      wxref INDEF INDEF d pixels
      wyref INDEF INDEF d pixels
      wxmag INDEF 1.009 d arcsec/pixel
      wymag INDEF 1.009 d arcsec/pixel
      wxrot INDEF 180.0 d degrees
      wyrot INDEF 0.0 d degrees
     wraref OBJCTRA INDEF d hms
    wdecref OBJCTDEC INDEF d dms
      wproj INDEF tan c INDEF
    wsystem INDEF J2000 c INDEF
nkeys 13
    observat INDEF Palomar c INDEF
    esitelng INDEF +116:51:46.80 d degrees
    esitelat INDEF +33:21:21.6 d degrees 
    esitealt INDEF 1706 r meters
     esitetz INDEF 8 r INDEF
     emjdobs INDEF INDEF c INDEF
    edatamin INDEF INDEF r ADU
    edatamax INDEF INDEF r ADU
       egain INDEF INDEF r e-/ADU
    erdnoise INDEF INDEF r e-
     ewavlen INDEF INDEF r angstroms
       etemp INDEF INDEF r degrees
      epress INDEF INDEF r mbars

cl> adumpim dss2@cadc m51.fits 13:29:53.27 +47:11:48.4 10.0

cl> imheader m51.fits




aslist, agetim

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