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apropos -- List all the tasks related with a given subject.


apropos subject


This task will list all IRAF tasks that have the subject string in their name, description, or the name of the package where they belong. Only the tasks that are mentioned in a package menu file will be listed.

Databases should be created by using the mkapropos task in the STSDAS playpen package.

The output will contain the task name followed by the task description and the name of the package where the task can be found.


subject [string]
Subject about which you want information. This string should be enclosed in double quotes if the string contains any character that have special meaning for the CL.
aproposdb = "aproposdb" [file name]
It can be either the names of database files build by mkapropos, or the name of the environment variable aproposdb, which in turn contains the names of the database files to use.


1. List all the tasks that are related to directories:

cl> apropos directory
back          - Return to the previous directory (after a chdir) (language)
cd            - Change directory (language)
chdir         - Change directory (language)
directory     - List the files in a directory (system)
gkidir        - Directory listing of metacode file (plot)
mkdir         - Create a new directory (system)
movefiles     - Move files to a directory (system)


The task does not restict a search to complete words. For some terminal types the longer descriptions are truncated if the terminal is set incorrectly.

The metacharacter used to find matches only at the beginning of a line does not work if you set ignore_case=yes.


help, match, mkapropos

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