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asnexpand stsdas.hst_calib.nicmos



asnexpand -- expand a NICMOS association table


asnexpand input output


This task expands a NICMOS ASN association table to include columns for background and image offset data. These columns are normally added to an ASN table by the "calnicb" task when it creates an output ASC table. Adding these columns to an existing ASN table is useful when you want "calnicb" to read the background or image offset information (or both) from an input association table, rather than computing that information itself.

Four columns are added to the input table:

Name     Data type  Units   Value   Description
-------  ---------  ------- ------- --------------------------
BCKIMAGE Boolean     ...    INDEF   Background image indicator
MEANBCK  Real       DN/sec  0.0     Scalar background signal
XOFFSET  Real       pixels  0.0     X-axis image offset
YOFFSET  Real       pixels  0.0     Y-axis image offset

The new columns of data are filled with the default values listed above. It is up to the user to subsequently modify those values, if desired, for use as input to "calnicb". The table data can be modified using the "tedit" task.


input [file name]
The file name of the ASN table to be expanded.
output [file name]
The file name of the output table. Must include a ".fits" file name extension.
(verbose = yes) [boolean]
Display names of input and output files as they are copied?


1. Expand the ASN table n3t102040_asn.fits, writing the output to n3t102041_asn.fits. Then edit the x- and y-offset values in the table and use the table as input to "calnicb".

    ni> asnexpand n3t102040_asn.fits n3t102041_asn.fits
    ni> tedit n3t102041_asn.fits
    ni> calnicb n3t102041 readoffsets=yes



Author: H. Bushouse, STScI.


tcopy, tedit, calnicb

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