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bal_plot xray.xspectral



bal_plot -- plots the BAL histogram for the current dataset (Einstein IPC data only).




Plots the BAL histogram for the indicated dataset. Note that a BAL histogram is only meaningful for Einstein IPC data. Also, note that the task leaves you in "cursor input" mode. Type a "?" to obtain a help menu in cursor input mode. Type a "q" to exit back to the CL.


observed = "" prompt = observed spectrum []

This is a package wide parameter, found in the pkgpars parameter file.

The file name normally defaults to the data set just analyzed and will be set automatically. However, for doing BAL_PLOTS that have not just been analyzed, please enter just the main filename root (before the _) and the task will generate the correct filename extensions.

dataset_numb = prompt = data set number

If there is more then one dataset given in the observed prompt, this parameter will be queried to determine which of these to plot.

(pkgpars = "") [pset]

The name of the file containing the xspectral package wide parameters. If the name is null ("") then the parameters found for the pkgpars task will be used.

(plot_title = "BAL histogram") [string]

The title of the plot.

(x_axis_title = "BAL") [string]

The x axis label.

(y_axis_title = "percent") [string]

The y axis label.

(listout = no) [boolean]

A boolean flag which indicates whether a listing is preferred instead of a plot.

(device = "stdgraph") [string]

The output graphics device.

(cursor = "") [*gcur]

Graphics cursor input.


The following example shows how to display the BAL histogram for one data set.

	xs> bal_plot
	observed spectrum []: snr

	[Type "q" to quit from graphics display.]


This task normally executes in less than 10 seconds.


The file name must not begin with a numeral. Beginning the file names of these files with a numeral causes the parser to attempt to process the numeral, resulting in an error.


counts_plot, grid_plot, pkgpars

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