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bjdetect stsdas.hst_calib.wfpc



bjdetect -- Detect bias jumps in a CCD overscan image.


bjdetect input thresh nbins ncomp


This task divides the CCD overscan image into NBINS equal subsections along the y-axis. It then takes the mean value of each subsection and compare with each other. If the difference between any pair is over the threshold value THRESH, it will print out a message to announce a detection of bias jump.


input [string]
Input image(s).
thresh [real]
Criterion of bias detection, in DN.
nbins [int]
Number of subsections the overscan is divided up to.
ncomp [int]
Number of neighboring subsections (in either direction) each subsection will be compared with. For example, if ncomp = 2, then subsection #1 will be compared with #2 and #3, but subsection #5 will be compared with #3, #4, #6, and #7.
(x1) [int]
Sometimes the overscan image will contain information other than the bias. For example, the WPPC2's bias is only in columns 5 to 14. So this and the next parameter (X2) are used to specify the range in the X direction to be used in bias detection.
(x2) [int]
See above.
(out_format) [string, allowed values = "calwp2|general|detail"]
Output format. If out_format = "calwp2", it prints out the message used in the pipeline task calwp2. If out_format = "general", it also print out the file name and an estimate of where the jump occurs. If out_format = "detail", it prints out more detailed information.


1. Detect bias jump in WFPC2 images. Compare all subsections.

wf> bjdetect *.x0h 0.09 8 7 x1=5 x2=14



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