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catlim -- Edit the parameter set containing limits for a skymap catalog.




The catlim parameters specify limits for reading data from a catalog table, for example as input to the skymap task. These limits can be a range of rows in the catalog table, limits on the coordinates (right ascension and declination), and upper and lower limits on brightness.

Note that this is a pset, not an executable task; it defines a set of parameters used by other tasks. Invoking the pset by name runs eparam for the parameter set, allowing the user to modify the parameters. Alternatively, the parameters may be modified on the command line by specifying the pset name and parameter name, for example, the user may type "catlim.minrow = 1" to set only the minrow parameter. Parameters can also be edited by using eparam on the calling task (e.g., "eparam skymap"), in which case, catlim will appear as one of the task parameters; the catlim parameters may then be edited by positioning the cursor on the line containing the pset name and typing ":e". After editing the pset parameters, type ^Z (Control-Z) to return to the main task parameter menu.


(minrow = INDEF) [integer, min=1]
First table row to read.
(maxrow = INDEF) [integer, min=1]
Last table row to read.
(ramin = INDEF) [real]
Minimum right ascension to read from table.
(ramax = INDEF) [real]
Maximum right ascension to read from table.
(decmin = INDEF) [real]
Minimum declination to read from table.
(decmax = INDEF) [real]
Maximum declination to read from table.
(brightlim = INDEF) [real]
Magnitude of brightest stars to be plotted.
(faintlim = INDEF) [real]
Magnitude of faintest stars to be plotted.



skymap, colnames

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