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ccdlist -- List CCD processing information


ccdlist images


CCD images to be listed. A subset of the these may be selected using the CCD image type parameter.
ccdtype = ""
CCD image type to be listed. If no type is specified then all the images are listed. If an image type is specified then only images of that type are listed. See ccdtypes for a list of the package image types.
names = no
List the image names only? Used with the CCD image type parameter to make a list of the images of the specified type.
long = no
Long format listing? The images are listed in a long format containing some image parameters and the processing history.
ccdproc (pset)
CCD processing parameter set.


Information from the specified input images is listed on the standard output. A specific CCD image type may be selected from the input images by the parameter ccdtype . There are three list formats; the default one line per image format, an image name only format, and a multi-line long format. The default one line format consists of the image name, image size, image pixel type, CCD image type, subset ID (if defined), processing flags, and title. This format contains the same information as that produced by imheader as well as CCD specific information. The processing flags identifying the processing operations performed on the image are given by the following single letter codes.

	B - Bad pixel replacement
	O - Overscan bias subtraction
	T - Trimming
	Z - Zero level subtraction
	D - Dark count subtraction
	F - Flat field calibration
	I - Illumination correction
	Q - Fringe correction

The long format has the same first line as the default format plus additional instrument information such as the exposure time and the full processing history. In addition to listing the completed processing, the operations not yet done (as specified by the ccdproc parameters) are also listed.

The image name only format is intended to be used to generate lists of images of the same CCD image type. These lists may be used as "@" file lists in IRAF tasks.


1. To list the default format for all images:

    cl> ccdlist *.imh
    ccd001.imh[544,512][short][unknown][V]:FOCUS L98-193
    ccd007.imh[544,512][short][object][V]:N2968 V 600s
    ccd015.imh[544,512][short][object][B]:N3098 B 500s
    ccd024.imh[544,512][short][object][R]:N4036 R 600s
    ccd045.imh[544,512][short][flat][V]:dflat 6v+blue 5s
    ccd066.imh[544,512][short][flat][B]:dflat 6v+blue 5s
    ccd103.imh[544,512][short][flat][R]:dflat 6v+blue 5s
    ccd105.imh[544,512][short][dark][]:dark 3600s

These images have not been processed.

2. To restrict the listing to just the object images:

    cl> ccdlist *.imh ccdtype=object
    ccd007.imh[544,512][short][object][V]:N2968 V 600s
    ccd015.imh[544,512][short][object][B]:N3098 B 500s
    ccd024.imh[544,512][short][object][R]:N4036 R 600s

3. The long list for image "ccd007" is obtained by:

    cl> ccdlist ccd007 l+
    ccd007[544,512][short][object][V]:N2968 R 600s
	exptime = 200. darktime = 200.
        [TO BE DONE] Overscan strip is [520:540,*]
        [TO BE DONE] Trim image section is [3:510,3:510]
        [TO BE DONE] Flat field correction

4. After processing the images have the short listing:

    cl> ccdlist *.imh ccdtype=object
    ccd007.imh[508,508][real][object][V][OTF]:N2968 V 600s
    ccd015.imh[508,508][real][object][B][OTF]:N3098 B 500s
    ccd024.imh[544,512][short][object][R][OTF]:N4036 R 600s

The processing indicated is overscan subtraction, trimming, and flat fielding.

5. The long listing for "ccd007" after processing is:

    cl> ccdlist ccd007 l+
    ccd007[508,508][real][object][V][OTF]:N2968 R 600s
	exptime = 200. darktime = 200.
        Jun  2 18:18 Overscan section is [520:540,*] with mean=481.8784
        Jun  2 18:18 Trim data section is [3:510,3:510]
        Jun  2 18:19 Flat field image is FlatV.imh with scale=138.2713

6. To make a list file containing all the flat field images:

cl> ccdlist *.imh ccdtype=flat name+ > flats

This file can be used as an @ file for processing.


ccdtypes ccdgroups

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