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checkwfpc stsdas.hst_calib.wfpc



checkwfpc -- Check a WFPC2 or WF/PC reference file.


checkwfpc input


This task checks the correctness of the image header of a WFPC2 or WF/PC reference file and its associated data quality mask. The task prints several keywords from the reference file header for identification. It also will print lines from the reference file or data quality file that it thinks are incorrect. These are keywords in the data quality file that differ from those in the reference file and header keywords in the reference file that are out of range or inconsistent with each other.

Because this task is a script which calls hcheck and hdiff, the STSDAS tools package must be loaded before using this task. The list of header keywords that will be checked are contained in the file wfpc$checkwfpc.dat or wfpc$checkwfpc2.dat.


input [file name template]
List of images whose headers will be checked.


1. Check the image a451212ow.r0h:

  wf> checkwfpc a451212ow.r0h

2. Check all the reference files in the directory deliver:

  wf> checkwfpc deliver$*.r?h


hcheck, hdiff

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