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chgkeywrd -- Change selected keywords in a header file.


chgkeywrd image keyfile


This task reads a text file that contains the names of header file keywords and their replacements. The file has two identifiers on each line, the first being the keyword name in the header file, and the second being the replacement keyword. If the identifier is not found, no change is made to the image header; if it is found, the keyword is changed. When all lines in the text file have been read, the updated image is written.


image [file name]
The name of the image whose header will be updated.
keyfile [file name]
The name of a file containing keywords to be renamed. This file is a free-format text file with two identifiers on each line. The first identifier is the name of an existing keyword in the header file and the second identifier is the new name for the keyword. If the names are not in upper case, they will be converted to upper case by the program. If keyfile=STDIN, the keywords will be read from standard input.


1. Change keywords in the header of ydl0020.hhh using the keywords from the text file ydlkeys.txt.

  to> chgkeywrd ydl0020.hhh ydlkeys.txt

2. Do it again, but this time, redirect the text file through standard input.

  to> chgkeywrd ydl0020.hhh STDIN <ydlkeys.txt


Keywords in the group parameter block cannot be renamed.


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