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colnames -- Edit the parameter set containing column names to be read from a skymap catalog table.




The colnames parameters specify the names of columns in a catalog table that will be read and used as input for another task, such as skymap. Allowing variable column names makes the catalog table format more flexible.

Note that this is a pset---not an executable task; it defines a set of parameters used by other tasks. Invoking the pset by name runs eparam for the parameter set, allowing the user to modify the parameters. Otherwise, the parameters may be modified on the command line by specifying the pset name and parameter name, for example, "colnames.racol=RAHRS". Parameters may also be edited by using eparam on the calling task, in which case, the colnames pset task name will appear as one of the task parameters; the colnames parameters may be edited by positioning the cursor on the line containing the pset name and then typing ":e". After editing the pset parameters, type Control-Z to return to the main task parameter menu.


(racol = "ra") [string]
The name of the table column containing right ascension coordinates. The units field in the table determines whether coordinates are interpreted as hours or as degrees. If the units field contains the character "h"---in upper or lower case---the values in the table column are assumed to be in hours of right ascension; otherwise, they are assumed to be in degrees.
(deccol = "dec") [string]
The name of the table column containing declination values for the coordinates. The units are assumed to be in degrees. The numbers displayed in the table may be in "sexagesimal", i.e., degrees, minutes, and seconds, separated by colons, or in decimal degrees. For example, declination +30 degrees, 15 minutes may be specified as +15.25 or as +15:15.
(magcol = "mag") [string]
The name of the table column containing brightness values for each catalog object that skymap will plot. The units are assumed to be in magnitudes.
(namecol = "name") [string]
The name of the table column specifying the name of each catalog object that skymap is to plot. If this string is null or the named column is not found in the table, it is ignored.
(classcol = "class") [string]
Table column name to use for specifying object class. This parameters is not used at present.



skymap, catlim

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