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# CONTINPARS - Continuum flattening of data parameter set

c_interactive,b,h,no,,,"Fit continuum interactively?"
c_sample,s,h,"*",,,"Sample of points to use in fit"
c_function,s,h,"spline3","spline3|legendre|chebyshev|spline1",,"Fitting function
naverage,i,h,1,,,"Number of points in sample averaging"
order,i,h,1,1,,"Order of fitting function"
replace,b,h,no,,,"Replace rejected spectrum w/ fit?"
low_reject,r,h,2.,0.,,"Low rejection in sigma of fit"
high_reject,r,h,2.,0.,,"High rejection in sigma of fit"
niterate,i,h,10,0,,"Number of rejection iterations"
grow,r,h,1.,0.,,"Rejection growing radius"

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