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convert -- Convert data base files generated by old versions of the curve fitting tasks to STSDAS table format.


convert input


The older versions of tasks gfit1d, nfit1d and ngaussfit generated their output in an ASCII data base format. This format is no longer supported. The convert task, however, provides a tool for converting old files into a format supported by the current version of these tasks---STSDAS table format.

Multiple files can be processed in a single call by using wildcard characters when specifying the input parameter. Both linear and nonlinear data bases can be simultaneously processed. Each data base can contain mixed records--from both linear and nonlinear fits. Each input file name will be stripped of its extension, and an STSDAS table created with an extension of .tab.


input [file name template]
Data base file(s) to be converted.


1. Convert all data bases having a root name of data and extension .dat. The resulting tables will be named data*.tab.

fi> convert  data*.dat


The old ASCII data base format uses the entry data field to unambiguously name its records. If more than one record in a given data base file has the same name, only the last one will be recognized and read by the IRAF procedures that handle this data base format.
The time stamp included in the ASCII data base is not accessible from IRAF. The time stamp in the newly created table will therefore contain the data and time that the conversion took place, not the time of the original fit.


This task was written by I.Busko


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