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crgrow noao.imred.crutil



crgrow -- grow cosmic rays in cosmic ray masks


crgrow input output radius


List of cosmic ray masks to be modified.
List of output modified cosmic ray masks. The input and output lists must match. If the input and output cosmic ray masks are specified as the same then the input mask will be modified in place.
radius = 1.
Replacement radius around cosmic rays. If a pixel is within this distance of a cosmic ray pixel it is identified by a value of 1 in the output cosmic ray mask. Distances are measured between pixel centers which are have integer coordinates.
inval = INDEF
Mask value to be grown. A value of INDEF will grow all non-zero values.
outval = INDEF
Mask value for grown pixels. A value of INDEF will use the value of the pixel being grown for the grown pixel value.


The cosmic ray pixels, identified by the "inval" parameter, in the input mask are located and all unmasked (zero valued) pixels within the specified grow radius are set to a value given by the "outval" parameter. The distance between pixels is measured as a cartisian logical pixel coordinate distance.


1. A radius of 1 will grow cosmic rays in a "plus" pattern.

    cl> crgrow crmask1 crmask2 1

2. A radius of 1.5 will grow cosmic rays in a box pattern. The following will modify the input mask.

    cl> crgrow crmask crmask 1.5



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