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ddiff -- Find the differences between two directory trees.


ddiff dir1 dir2 pattern


This task prints a list of all files contained in the first directory and not in the second directory wherever the file name matches the pattern. Note that this is an asymmetric operation; swapping the two directory names will yield different results. Output is directed to the terminal screen (STDOUT), but can be redirected to a file.

If the pattern is a null or blank string, all differences will be shown. This task not only compares files in the two specified directories, it also compares files in their respective subdirectories, up to a maximum depth specified by the parameter maxdepth. If the date parameter is set to "yes", a file name will be printed if that file has a later modification date in the first directory than in the second.


The name of the first directory.
The name of the second directory.
pattern [string]
A file name template used to specify which files will be matched. If the pattern is a null or blank string, all file names which differ will be printed.
(maxdepth = 20) [integer, min=1, max=20]
The maximum number of directory levels to compare, counting the top level as 1.
(date = no) [boolean]
Treat different file modification dates as a difference in files? If date = yes, then not only will file names be listed when they are found in the first directory but not in the second, they will also be listed when the modification date on a file in the first directory is later than the modification date on the file with the same name in the second directory.
(absolute = no) [boolean]
Generate absolute pathnames? If absolute = yes, the file names generated by this task will contain the directory name given in the parameter dir1. Otherwise the file names will be relative to the directory specified in the parameter dir1.


1. List image names found on one disk, but not on the second:

  to> ddiff /sol/data1 /sol/data2 *.??h

2. Also compare the modification dates and write the output to a file called diff.lis:

  to> ddiff /sol/data1 /sol/data2 *.??h date+ >diff.lis




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