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dematch -- match density to log exposure values


dematch database


Database containing density list, probably from spotlist .
wedge = "", filter = "", emulsion = ""
Information used to retrieve log exposure values from wedgefile .
wedgefile = "noao$lib/hdwedge.dat"
Name of file containing wedge intensity information.
nskip = 0
Number of faint spots skipped, used as an offset into the list of log exposure values.
verbose = yes
Print the log exposure information to STDOUT as well as to database .


Task dematch matches density values to log exposure values. A database of density values is input, as well as information needed to retrieve log exposure values from a reference file. The two sources of information are matched, and the matching log exposure values are added as a record in the database.

Parameter nskip tells how many faint spots were not included in the density database . This information is used to align the density, exposure values. It doesn't matter if the densities are listed in a monotonically increasing or decreasing order, as long as no spots were omitted between the first and last measured.


Match densities in db1 to log exposure values for wedge#117 with a IIIAJ emulsion and a GG385 filter.

	cl> dematch db1 wedge=117 filt=gg385 emulsion=IIIAJ


spotlist, hdfit, hdtoi

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