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demos -- Demonstration and Test Procedures


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demos demoname


Demonstration or test procedure name. Each package may have a different set of demonstrations. If the demo name is not specified on the command line a menu of names is printed and then the name is queried.


Many packages have demonstration and test procedures. These are generally based on artificial data and use the stty playback (see stty ) mechanism of the CL. A playback replaces interactive terminal input with previously stored input but otherwise is an actual execution of the entered commands. This allows both demonstration of various types and an actual test of the software on a particular IRAF system.

Generally the demos procedures create their own data if not present from a previous execution. After the procedure is completed the data, logfiles, etc. are left so that they may be examined further and the user may try some experiments. Thus, it might be useful to create a new directory for the demo using mkdir and "cd" to it.

Currently, most of the demos are test procedures which do not contain comments and suitable delays to act as a demonstration. These will be added in time. Also some of the demos just create the demo/test data if one just wants some relevant data for experimentation with the package.

One should be aware that since the tasks are actually run parameters are sometimes changed.


1. From the goldcam package list the menu and execute the qtest demo.

	go> mkdir demo
	go> cd demo
	go> demos
		MENU of GOLDCAM Demonstrations

		qtest - Quick test of GOLDCAM (no comments, no delays)

	Demo name (qtest): 
	<Demo follows>

2. From the nessie package create some simple test data.

	ne> demos mkqdata
	Creating image demoobj ...
	Creating image demoflat ...
	Creating image demoarc1 ...
	Creating image demoarc2 ...
	ne> demos mkqdata

Note that the second execution does not create the data again.


artdata.mkexamples, ccdred.ccdtest.demo

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