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destreak5 -- First pass of 10830 processing


destreak5 input_root output_root


Root name for input files.
Root name of output files.


Destreak5 takes as input the 5 files from a vacuum telescope 10830 tape and produces 5 nearly identicle files but with the streaks removed from the solar images and with the best fit ellipse parameters added to the image header. The input files are expected to be in the directory imdir and to have the extensions 001 thru 005. These input files are expected to be mag tape images produced by T2D. The output files are stored in the current directory with the same extensions. Destreak5 calls readvt,'quickfit', destreak, and various other utilities and is a cl script file. If an input image is not found, the processing for that image is skipped and a message is printed telling about the missing image. The next step in the 10830 reduction process is makehelium which produces the projected daily grams.


1. To destreak five files with root name m1585 and store the resulting images with root name M1585 the command would be:

	vt> destreak5 m1585 M1585


readvt, destreak, quickfit

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