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devices "NOAO/Tucson

    \fBDevice      Aliases 	Description+Location\fR

    lw1		apl		HP LaserJet-4M, outside Rm B50-A
    lw1p2			lw1 with 2 landscape pages per page
    lw2		apl2		HP LaserJet-4000N, Rm 135
    lw2p2			lw2 with 2 landscape pages per page
    lw3		apl3		HP LaserJet-5M, Engineering Mezzanine
    lw4		apl4		Apple LaserWriter, Rm 192
    lw6		apl6		HP LaserJet-4MV, Drafting
    lw7		apl7|tops	Apple Laserwriter, NSO mail room, Rm 152
    lw8		apple8		Apple Laserwriter, Employee's Lounge
    lw9				Apple Laserwriter, hallway near NSO Dir. office
    lw10			HP LaserJet-5M, Rm 101 (computer room)
    lw14                        HP LaserJet-5N, DMAC
    lw16			HP LaserJet 4M Plus, Rm 72
    lw20                        HP LaserJet-4M Plus, DMAC
    lw29                        HP LaserJet-4M, Rm 27 (visitor office)
    lwdp                        HP LaserJet-5M, duplex printer, Rm 101 
    clp                         Tektronix Phaser 200e, color PS printer, Rm 101
    clp2                        Tektronix Phaser 360, color printer, Rm 101
    clp2t                       Tektronix Phaser 360, transparency tray for clp2
    vmsprint	vmslp	        VMS cluster lineprinter, Rm 101 (computer room)
    vapl			DECLaser 1100, VMS only
    lw		lp|lpr		Default UNIX `lpr' printer(*)
    psdump			PostScript file named /tmp/irafdmp$$.ps
    epsf	eps		EPS file ./sgi$$.eps, portrait mode
    epsfl	epsl		EPS file ./sgi$$.eps, landscape mode
    epshalf	epsh		halfpage portrait EPS file, ./sgi$$.eps

    (*)This device is available on UNIX systems only.  A specific output
    device may be selected by defining PRINTER in the user environment.

    All the ``lw'' devices can be specified as shown above with a trailing 
    `s' to indicate a finer linewidth will be used, intended for small, dense
    plots, e.g., lw1s.

    gemini!mta=mta6250,mta1600     HP 1/2" tapedrive, Rm 101
    gemini!mtb        [8500]       Exabyte Eliant 820, Rm 101
    gemini!mtc        [8200]       Exabyte 8200, Rm 101
    gemini!mtd        [8200]       Exabyte 8200, Rm 101
    gemini!mte,mtehi  [8200|8500]  Exabyte 8505, Rm 101
    gemini!mtj        [READ only]  HP DAT, RM 101
    gemini!mtm                     Seagate DAT, Rm 101
    ursa!mta=mta1600,mta6250       HP 1/2" tapedrive, Rm 101
    ursa!mtb=mtb1600,mtb6250       HP 1/2" tapedrive, Rm 101 
    ursa!mtd,mtdhi    [8200|8500]  Exabyte 8505XL, Rm 101
    ursa!mte,mtehi    [8200|8500]  Exabyte 8505XL, Rm 101
    ursa!mtf          [READ only]  HP DAT, Rm 101
    ursa!mtm=mtmhi                 DLT-7000, Rm 101
    ursa!mtn                       Seagate DAT, Rm 101
    ursa!mto          [8500]       Exabyte Eliant 820, Rm 101
    ursa!mtp=mtphi                 DLT-7000, Rm 101
    bigx!mtb,mtbhi    [8200|8500]  Exabyte 8505XL, Rm 101
    bigx!mtc                       Seagate DAT, Rm 101
    orion!mta                      Seagate DAT, Rm 101
    argo!mta,mtahi    [8200|8500]  Exabyte 8505XL, Argo lab in basement
    argo!mtb          [8500]       Exabyte Eliant 820, Argo lab in basement
    pandora!mtr       [8200]       Exabyte 8200, Library
    draco!mtg                      WANG DAT
    draco!mti			   HP 1/2" tapedrive, Rm 101 [VMS cluster only]
    draco!mtj			   Exabyte 8200, Rm 101 [VMS cluster only]


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