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devstatus system



devstatus -- print status information for a device


devstatus device


The device for which status information is requested.
verbose = no
Print additional system dependent device information (may not be implemented on all systems).


Devstatus tells whether the named device has been allocated. In the case of a magtape drive allocated to the current user, additional information is printed noting the tape position and the type of operation last performed. If the device is not currently allocated, i.e., available for allocation, or if the device has already been allocated by another user, one of the following messages is printed:

	device is not currently allocated
	device is allocated to XXXX

A list of the allocatable devices, including the host system names for the devices, can be obtained by paging the file dev$devices providing that file has been properly configure by the Site Manager at installation time. The dev$tapecap file is used to define the tape devices available on the system.


1. Get status information for the logical tape drive "mta", which we have just allocated. Note that the tape position is printed only if we are the owner of the drive.

	cl> dev mtb
	# Magtape unit `mta' allocated to `smith' Fri 12:04:16 07-Jan-86
	file = 1
	record = 1
	unit just allocated: no i/o has yet occurred


Information can only be requested for a single device at a time.


allocate, deallocate

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