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dezoomx stsdas.hst_calib.foc.focphot



dezoomx -- Dezoom a Faint Object Camera (FOC) image.


dezoomx infile outfile


This program dezooms an image, producing an output image with twice the line length of the input image. A check may be made on either the PXFORMT or CD header parameters to determine whether an image should be dezoomed. After dezooming, PXLCORR is set to "COMPLETE". If an input image is not in zoom format and check is not equal to "none", a warning message will be printed, and that image will not be dezoomed.


infile [file name template]
The list of file names of the input images. Keep in mind that only 2-dimensional images will be processed.
outfile [file name template]
File names for the dezoomed images produced by dezoomx.
(check = pxformt) [string, allowed values: none | pxformt | cd]
If check = none, then no checking is done. Setting check = pxformt causes the program to get the value of keyword PXFORMT from the image header---if PXFORMT = "ZOOM", the image will be dezoomed. Setting check = cd causes the program to get the values of the CD matrix, or CDELT1 and CDELT2 if the CD matrix is not found. If the CD matrix is found, CDELT1 and CDELT2 are computed from the CD matrix. If CDELT1 is twice as large as CDELT2, the image will be dezoomed.
(pixtype = real) [string, allowed values: real | long | int |
short | double]

Data type for pixels in the dezoomed output image.

(verbose = no) [boolean]
Describe each operation's progress on the terminal screen?


1. Dezoom an image called "inim" and write the enlarged image to a file called "outim". Header keywords will not be checked.

  fo> dezoomx inim outim check="none"


The world coordinate parameters in the output image may not be correct if the input image name contains an image section, especially if the section includes subsampling.


This task was written by David Giaretta.


Type "help focphot opt=sys" for a higher-level description of the focphot package.

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