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eheader -- Interactively edit an image header.


eheader image


This task allows you to edit an image header using an interactive text editor. You must have write permission to the image file to be able to edit the header. The group parameters, if any, will be written to the header, so you may edit them as well. After you have finished editing the header, the header parameters are written back to the original image. This task does very little processing on the header after you are finished editing it--it merely sets each line in the header to the correct length. Because you have total freedom to change the header parameters while in the text editor, you must make sure that the header has a legal format after you are through editing it. In particular, be sure each field in the header parameters that you add or change begin in the proper column.

Note that it is NOT possible to add or delete header keywords from the Group Parameter Block (GPB) of GEIS-format images, although it is possible to modify the values of existing ones. Such keywords are specific to a particular image group, and are stored in the binary data (*.hhd) file. Thus, adding/deleting GPB keywords requires re-writing the image data files. (Type "help geis" for more information about GEIS data format.) The task `groupmod' in this package is specifically designed to add or delete GPB keywords.


image [file name]
The name of the image whose header is to be edited.


1. Edit the header of the image file x00v7701r.d0h. If the image is in group format, the group parameters from the first group will appear in the editor.

  to> eheader x00v7701r.d0h

2. Edit the same image header, but this time edit the group parameters for the second group.

  to> eheader x00v7701r.d0h[2]


This task may not work with kept editors, such as Emacs. This task will not add or delete keywords from the Group Parameter Block of GEIS images.


hedit, groupmod

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