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epix proto



epix -- edit pixels in an image


epix image_name x y new_value


Name of image or image section to be edited.
xcoord, ycoord
The coordinates of the pixel to be edited.
The new value of the pixel.
boxsize = 3
The width of a square subraster surrounding the pixel to be edited over which the rejection mean and the median will be computed.
ksigma = 0.0
The pixel rejection threshold for the iterative rejection algorithm used to compute the mean. If zero, a rejection thresold will be computed based on the size of the sample using Chauvenet's relation.
edit_image = yes
Set the pixel value to new_value ? If editing is disabled the mean and median may still be computed, and the subraster may still be printed.
verbose = yes
Print the values of the pixels in the subraster surrounding the image, and compute the rejection mean and the median.


A subraster boxsize pixels square is extracted centered on the pixel (xcoord,ycoord). If the verbose flag is enabled the values of the pixels in the subraster are printed on the standard output along with the rejection mean and median of the subraster. If edit_image is yes the program will ask for the new_value and edit the image.


1. Replace the specified pixels with a value of zero.

    cl> epix M92 400 87 0.0
    cl> epix M92 45 300 0.0
    cl> epix M92 207 300 0.0



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