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flcorner -- Merge a corner of an external flat field with an internal flat field.


flcorner input1 input2 output


This task takes an internal flat field and an external flat field and splices the upper right corner of the external flat to the internal, writing the output to a new image. The splice region is defined by a pair of parallel diagonal lines defined by the y1, y2, and slope parameters. The output file will be the same as the first input image (the internal flat field) below the line defined by:

 y = y1 + slope * x

The output will be the same as the second image (the external flat field) above:

 y = y2 + slope * x

Between those lines the output is a linear combination of the two images, with weight varying linearly as you go from the lower line to the upper.

If the output file name is null or equal to the input file name, then the output image will replace the input image.


input= "" [string]
Name of the internal flat field file.
input= "" [string]
Name of the external flat field file.
output = "" [string]
Name of the spliced output image.
(y= 1708.8) [real]
Y intercept of the lower line.
(y= 1908.8) [real]
Y intercept of the upper line.
(slope = -2.446) [real]
Slope of lines.




This task was written by Phil Hodge.


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