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fxcopy fitsutil



fxcopy -- Generic FITS multi-extension copy utility


fxcopy input output groups


input [string]
Can be a list of FITS filename or just one name if you are extracting extensions from it. Filename extensions are require.
output [string]
Output filename.
groups = "" [string]
Specify the list of extensions from the input file to be copied to the output file; this list follows the syntax of the ranges utilities; i.e. things like 1,2,3; 1-9 or 9,7,13,1-4 are acceptable. Also 0 to represent the Primary FITS unit is accepted.
new_file = yes
Speficify whether to create a new output file or if new_file is no to overwrite an existent one.
verbose = yes
Print each operation as it takes place?


Fcopy is an extension to the imcopy command allowing many input FITS files or selected extensions to be appended to an output FITS file.

FITS extensions are numbered from zero -as the primary unit, with one as the first extension two as the second extension and so on.


1. To put together all of the FITS files starting with f into one new output file.

im> fxcopy f*.fits bigf.fits new_file=yes

2. To copy extensions 1,3,5 from input file g10.fits into a new file. If you want to append to an existent file, set new_file = no.

im> fxcopy g10.fits groups="1,3,5" new_file=yes

3. Selected extensions from various input files.

im> fxcopy fa.fits[2],fb.fits[5],fb.fits[7] fall.fits


Fxcopy does not accept sections in the filename nor extension numbers.


imcopy, fxheader

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