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fxinsert fitsutil



fxinsert -- Generic FITS multi-extension insert utility


fxinsert input output groups


input [string]
Can be a list of FITS filenames with or without extension number.
output [string]
Output filename. The extension number after which the input units are going to be inserted is required.
groups = "" [string]
Specify the list of extensions to insert from the those files without explicit extension number. This list is applied to all input files.
verbose = yes
Print each operation as it takes place?


Finsert will insert one or more FITS units after a specified extension number from the output file. A unit can be a whole FITS file or one extension.

FITS extensions are numbered from zero -as the primary unit, with one as the first extension two as the second extension and so on.


1. Insert group 3 from input.fits after group 1 from output.fits file.

	im> fxinsert input.fits[3] output.fits[1]

2. To insert extensions 1,3,5 from input file g10.fits after group 5 from
   g30.fits file.

	im> fxinsert g10.fits g30.fits[5] groups="1,3,5"

3. Insert files and extensions.

	im> fxinsert fa.fits,fb.fits[5],fc.fits foutput.fits[3]


Finsert does not accept EXTNAME or EXTVER values yet.


imcopy, fxheader

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