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gcopy -- Generic multi-group copy utility


gcopy input output groups


Gcopy is an extension to the imcopy command allowing all the groups or a group list to be copied to the output file.

Gcopy allows the specification of image section for the input file to be effective for all the groups in the group list.


input [string]
Images to be copied.
output [string]
Output image or directory. If it is desired that the output file be created with more groups than specified from the input file, simply append [1/n] to the output filename where n is the number of groups in the output file If a group number is specified as part of the output filename, the copying will begin at that output group. If the remaining number of groups in the output file is less than the specified number of input groups, gcopy will copy as many as possible and print a warning message that not all groups were copied.
groups = "ALL" [string]
Specify the list of groups from the input image to be copied to the output image; this list follows the syntax of the ranges utilities; i.e. things like 1,2,3; 1-9 or 9,7,13,1-4 are acceptable. The default ("ALL") value means that all the groups from the input file will be copied. Note that the current implementation does not preserve the order of the specified groups. Groups are always copied in the order of increasing group number and duplicate group numbers are eliminated. For example, specifying 3,2,1 will result in groups 1,2,3 being copied in that order. Likewise specifying the same group number more than once will not cause it to be copied more than once (i.e., 1,1,1 results in group 1 copied only once.
i2toi= no
Specify if you want to convert group parameter values datatype from INTEGER*2 (not longer supported) to INTEGER*4.
verbose = yes
Print each operation as it takes place?


1. For a fast copy of all the groups:

im> gcopy image.hhh imagecopy.hhh

2. To copy groups 1,3,5 of a 10 groups geis file. The output file will have a GCOUNT of 3.

im> gcopy g10.hhh g3.hhh groups="1,3,5"

3. Copy several multigroup Geis files to an output directory using a section.

	im> gcopy g1.hhh[*,20:40],g2.c3h[120:256,30:56] \
	      mydir/ gr="1,2,4"
4. Copy all groups to a new output file, but create the output file with more groups than in the input image (to be

im> gcopy image.hhh imagecopy.hhh[1/10] groups="1-4"

5. Copy group 3 of the input image to group 7 of the output image.

im> gcopy image.hhh[3] imagecopy.hhh[7]

6. Copy all groups of the input file to the output file starting at group 5 of the output file.

im> gcopy image.hhh imagecopy.hhh[5]


This task was developed by Nelson Zarate following the imcopy task and extended to multigroup.


IT will not copy imh files. What's more, with the most recent fix to allow file level copies of one GEIS file to another with different file extensions, if one tries gcopy test.c0h test2.imh the task will run without complaint and produce test.imh and test.imd but these will be GEIS files and not imh files. This will be fixed in the future.



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