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getcal -- Populate a pset with calibration parameter values from HST data.


getcal input


getcal is a utility task used by chcalpar to retrieve parameter values, although the task can also be used directly by users. (See the help file for chcalpar for more information.)

getcal reads an HST image, decides which pset to use based on the instrument that acquired the data, and populates the pset with the values of the calibration parameters. The name of the chosen pset is placed in the parameter keywords of getcal. (You can also specify a customized pset.)


input [file name]
Image used to define instrument calibration keywords and initial values. If a list of images is specified, the pset is populated with values taken from the FIRST image.
keywords = "" [pset]
Name of the instrument-specific pset that contains the calibration parameters of the specified input image. If this parameter is blank, getcal tries to determine which standard pset to use based on the "INSTRUME" header keyword. A specified pset can be used, provided there is no conflict with the instrument specified by the image header and the value of the instrument parameter in the pset.


1. Retrieve the calibration parameters from the GHRS image z06i5601m.d0h. Examine the keywords parameter of getcal to see the name of the pset, and invoke the pset to examine the values loaded by getcal.

        cl> getcal z06i5601m.d0h ""
        cl> lpar getcal
                input = "z06i5601m.d0h" Input science data header file name
            (keywords = "ckwhrs")       Pset for calibration parameters
             (Version = "9Nov92")       Date of Installation
                (mode = "ql")           
        cl> ckwhrs
                ...eparam appears with the pset ckwhrs.


chcalpar, eparam, lparam, modcal, parameters, putcal, unlearn, ckwxxx

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