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.help gethead Mar2001 WCSTools
gethead -- Print FITS or IRAF header keyword values
gethead [-hptv] [-d pathname] [-n num] <FITS or IRAF file> kw1 kw2 ... kwn
Print values of the specified keywords from the given image header.  By
default they are all listed on one line, separated by spaces.  The
.I \-v
flag causes the keyword names and values to be printed, one keyword per
To read keywords from a list of files, substitute @<listfile> for the
file names on the command line.  To read a lot of keywords, put them,
one per line, in a file and substitute @<keylistfile> on the command line.
If two @ commands are present, the program will figure out which contains
file names and which contains keywords.
.ls -a
List file name even if keywords are not found
.ls -d
Root directory for input files (default is cwd)
.ls -f
Never print filenames (default is to print them if more than one)
.ls -h
flag causes the keyword names to be printed at top of columns.
.ls -n
Number of decimal places in numeric output
.ls -p
Print full pathnames of files
.ls -t
flag causes the output to be in tab-separated tables with keyword column
.ls -u
Always print ___ if keyword not found, event if only one keyword in search
.ls -v
Print output as <keyword>=<value>, one per line
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