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gftoxdim -- Convert a multigroup GEIS file to a single group GEIS file.


gftoxdim input output


A multigroup GEIS file does not use IRAF's image I/O capabilities as efficiently as does a single image file. Converting a multigroup GEIS file to a single group file allows the entire multigroup file to be treated as one image. The gftoxdim task converts a multigroup GEIS file to a single group GEIS file that contains only the data portion of the group, and not the group parameter block (GPB). The GPB will go in an STSDAS table with one column for each group parameter and a row for each group.

The header file created by gftoxdim will inherit the group parameter names and values of the last group. It will also have keywords appended to it that describe the table with its extra dimension. If there was only one group in the GEIS file, there will be no extra dimension, but the table will still be created with only one row.


input [file name template]
The input file specification can be a template for a group of files, e.g., z00*.*h, or a list of files, separated by commas.
output [file name template]
Output file specification. This is a single file specification, or a directory name where the single output file will be copied using the same name as the input file. If more than one output file name is specified, the number of output files must match the number of input files.
(verbose = yes) [boolean]
Display progress of the program?

One line per file, indicating progress of the conversion program, will be printed to the terminal screen.


1. Convert a set of multigroup files to a group file and table, copying the resulting files to a subdirectory.

   fi> gftoxdim z00*902?.*h  cvdir/  verbose+




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