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graflist -- List all components downstream from a given component.


graflist grftable compname


This task prints the names of all components downstream from a specified component. The specified component is called the "root". A component is downstream from the root if a path passes through both the component and the root and the root occurs first in the path. A root is always considered to be downstream from itself, so at least one component name will be printed whenever this task is run.

The list of component names is printed in the order they occur along the path. When component names are printed, each component name is indented to show the distance between it and the root.


grftable = "mtab$*.tmg" [file name]
The name of the graph table to be listed. If a filename template is specified, the task will list from the most recent graph table matching the template.
compname [string]
The name of the root component. All components downstream from the root component are listed. The component name is not case sensitive and leading or trailing white space will not affect the match. If more than one component in the graph matches compname, the component with the smallest value in the INNODE column will be used. (The INNODE and OUTNODE columns are used to navigate through the graph table). The user can make the component name unique by optionally specifying an INNODE number as part of the value passed to compname. The desired INNODE number follows the component name, separated by a white space. If no value is passed to compname, the entire graph will be listed.


1. List all components that are downstream from "hrs_echa":

  sy> graflist hrs_echa

2. List all components that are downstream from clear, where INNODE=1000:

  sy> graflist "clear 1000"


Written by B.Simon


grafpath, grafplot

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