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grplot -- Plot arbitrary lines from a group format one-dimensional image.


grplot inimage members


Plot arbitrary lines from a group format one-dimensional image. The data are specified by the image file name with an optional image section and a string specifying which group members to plot. The input data are assumed to be one-dimensional group (STSDAS format) data.


image [file name]
Input image file. This is assumed to be a multi-image (group format) file containing one-dimensional data (spectra). Any group selection specified in the file name will be ignored (see the members parameter for info on selecting groups). An image section may be specified.
members [string]
A list of group members given in ranges format. Single numbers may be separated by commas to indicate individual members, a range of members may be specified by the first and last member separated by a dash, or all members may be selected by a dash or null string.
(title) [string]
An arbitrary string to use as the plot title. If the null string, then the plot title will be the name of the input file and the string specifying the group members plotted.
(border = 3) [real, min = 0, max = 25]
Fraction in percent of the plot viewport size to add as a border between the curves and the axes.
(device = "stdgraph") [string]
Graphics device.


1. Plot curves 1, 3, and 5 from the group format spectral image named spect:

  st> grplot spect 1,3,5

2. Plot the third and all subsequent curves from the group format image s0515:

  st> grplot s0515 3,* title="5/15/89"

3. Plot pixels 1 through 100 of the first 4 curves in the spectrum msp and increase the plot border to 5% of the plot viewport:

  st> grplot msp[1:100] 1-4 border=5


ranges, grlist, grspec, specplot, graph

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