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gtedit -- Graphically edit an STSDAS table.


gtedit input xcolumn ycolumn


The gtedit task lets you graphically edit an STSDAS table. You can use the editor to delete rows. You can also choose whether to overwrite the existing file (by setting inplace=yes) or you can create a new output table. You can also save deleted points in a separate file by setting the reject parameter to an output file name.

The rows that are plotted can be selected using the :x and :y commands to specify columns for the X and Y axes. Points that are to be deleted will be marked with an "x" (this information is retained if columns change).

To mark a point for deletion you can:

1) Specify the points individually
2) Define a box in which all points will be deleted
3) Delete all points on one side of the cursor or line segment

You can also toggle between "delete mode" and "undelete mode". When you are in undelete mode, any previously-deleted points that you selected will be unmarked.

If you don't like using gtedit, you can switch to the tedit task and edit the table in the usual manner.


	GTEDIT Interactive Cursor Commands

?	Print options
:	Colon commands
a	print out the complete row for the data point nearest the cursor
b	delete all points with Y values less than the cursor Y position
c	mark the corner of a box
d	delete the point nearest the cursor
e	exit and save changes in the output table
f	make all the marked deletions and replot remaining data
h	print out the column names of the input table
l	delete all points with X values less than the cursor X position
p	replot the graph possibly using new data columns
q	quit and do not save changes made since the last 'f'
r	delete all points with X values greater than the cursor X position
s	mark one end of a line segment
t	delete all points with Y values greater than the cursor Y position
u	toggle between delete and undelete mode
v	change from gtedit to tedit mode
z	display current status (delete or undelete)

:x(-) xcolumn	set the table column for the X axis and possibly replot
:y(-) ycolumn	set the table column for the Y axis and possibly replot
- do not automatically replot after reading in new column


input [file name]
The input table to be edited.
The name of the column in the input table to use for the X-axis of the plot.
The name of the column in the input table to use for the Y-axis of the plot.
(device = "stdgraph")
The standard graphics device.
(commands = "")
The graphics cursor.
(inplace = no)
Edit the table inplace. No new output table is created and the original table is overwritten.
(output = "")
The name of the output table if the input table is not edited inplace. If inplace = no then output should be a valid filename.
(reject = "")
If this parameter contains a valid filename then this table will contain the points which were deleted using this task.
(gtpar = "") [pset]
The name of the pset containing the parameters which describe the plot attributes.


1. Edit a table containing the output photometry from DAOPHOT. Initially plot the magnitude (MAG) versus the error in the magnitude (MAGERR) to decide which points to delete.

     st> gtedit m31.mag MAG MERR



This task was written by Dennis Crabtree.


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