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gtools -- Graphics tools


A number of application tasks use the graphics tools in the gtools package. The graphics tools control labeling and titling of graphs and interactive formatting. The user changes the defaults via colon commands and with cursor keys. The windowing options are usually entered with the w key from an application program but other keys may be used instead. Not all of the formating options may be available in a particular application; for example the graph type and mark type options. Check the documentation for the application program. Some applications set the values every time the graph is redraw so any user changes will be overridden.

The title block consists of a system identification banner, a parameter string, a title string, a subtitle string, and a comment string in that order. The drawtitle parameter can be used to turn off all the title block. There are parameters to control each of the parts of the title block. The subtitle and comments parameters are rarely used by applications and so may be used to annotate graphs. The x and y labels consist of label and units strings. The drawxlabels and drawylabels parameters can be used to turn off both parts of the axis labels.


The following keystroke cursor commands may be available in an application.

a  Autoscale x and y axes
b  Set bottom edge of window
c  Center window at cursor position
d  Shift window down
e  Expand window (mark lower left and upper right of new window)
f  Flip x axis
g  Flip y axis
j  Set left edge of window
k  Set right edge of window
l  Shift window left
m  Autoscale x axis
n  Autoscale y axis
p  Pan x and y axes about cursor
r  Shift window right
t  Set top edge of window
u  Shift window up
x  Zoom x axis about cursor
y  Zoom y axis about cursor
z  Zoom x and y axes about cursor


:/help			Print help menu
:/redraw		Redraw the graph

:/drawtitle [yes|no]	Draw title block?
:/sysid [yes|no]	Include the standard IRAF user/date banner?
:/parameters string	Parameter string (usual set by application)
:/title string		Title
:/subtitle string	Subtitle
:/comments string	Comments

:/type string		Type of graph (line, hist, or mark)
:/mark string		Mark type (point, box, plus, cross, diamond,
				   hline, vline, hebar, vebar, circle)
:/line [0-9]		Line style
:/color [0-9]		Line or mark color

:/drawxlabels [yes|no]	Draw X axis label?
:/xlabel string		Label for X axis
:/xunits string		Units for X axis
:/xsize size		Size of marks along the X axis
:/xtransform type	X coordinate transform type (linear or logarithmic)
:/xwindow x1 x2		X graph window (INDEF defaults to min or max)
:/xflip [yes|no]	Flip X axis

:/drawylabels [yes|no]	Draw Y axis label?
:/ylabel string		Label for Y axis
:/yunits string		Units for Y axis
:/ysize size		Size of marks along the Y axis
:/ytransform type	Y coordinate transform type (linear or logarithmic)
:/ywindow y1 y2		Y graph window (INDEF defaults to min or max)
:/yflip [yes|no]	Flip Y axis

:/transpose		Transpose the graph axes

Format changes do not take effect until the graph is redrawn.

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