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hdbexamine -- examine a help database




helpdb = "helpdb"
The filename of the help database to be examined. The reserved name "helpdb" causes the actual filename to be taken from the environment variable of the same name.
verbose = no
If this switch is enabled, hdbexamine will print a detailed description of the help database listing the modules in each package, the date the entry for the package was last modified, and other information. A more concise summary listing only the packages and the number of help modules in each package is printed by default.


The hdbexamine task is used to examine the contents of a help database. By default the standard IRAF help database is examined. Examining the help database with hdbexamine verifies that it can be read by help , and may be useful as a diagnostic in the event that an invalid help directory file (".hd") somewhere in the help directory tree, causes the database to be compiled incorrectly.


1. Print a concise summary of the contents and structure of the standard help database.

cl> hdbexamine
Help database dev$help.db created Feb 14 21:34 by tody
Database contains 794 modules in 43 packages, file size 105460 bytes

_clpackage   Nov  4  1984 tody     clpackage$_clpackage.hd
clpackage    May 29 17:44 rooke    clpackage$clpackage.hd
os           Feb 13 11:06 tody     host$os/doc/os.hd
root         Nov  4  1984 tody     lib$root.hd
_math        Apr  1 13:38 tody     math$_math.hd
curfit       Jan  6 16:23 tody     math$curfit/doc/curfit.hd
gsurfit      Jan  2 14:46 davis    math$gsurfit/doc/gsurfit.hd
iminterp     Aug  6 16:31 davis    math$iminterp/doc/iminterp.hd
bias         Dec 17  8:53 valdes   pkg$imred/bias/bias.hd
coude        Dec 31 14:38 valdes   pkg$imred/coude/coude.hd
vtel         Jan 22  8:36 lytle    pkg$imred/vtel/vtel.hd
plot         Jan 28 14:04 hammond  pkg$plot/plot.hd


mkhelpdb, help

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