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imtranspose -- transpose two dimensional images


imtranspose input output


List of images to be transposed.
List of output transposed images. If the output image name is the same as the input image name then the output image will replace the input image. The number of output images must be the same as the number of input images.
len_blk = 512
The one dimensional length of the transpose blocks.


Imtranspose transposes the list of images in input by interchanging their rows and columns and writing the results to images specified in output. The number of input and output images must be the same.

The transpose is done in square blocks whose dimensions are equal len_blk .

The imtranspose tasks can be used to perform counter-clockwise or clockwise ninety degree rotations by flipping the y or x axis respectively in the input image section specification.


1. To transpose an image:

cl> imtranspose image1 image2

2. To transpose an image in place:

cl> imtranspose image1 image1

3. To rotate an image 90 degrees counter-clockwise and clockwise:

cl> imtranspose image1[*,-*] image2

cl> imtranspose image1[-*,*] image2

3. To transpose a set of 3 images listed 1 per line in the file imlist to the new images trans001, trans002, and trans003:

cl> imtranspose @imlist trans001,trans002,trans003

4. To transpose a set of images in place:

cl> imtranspose frame* frame*

5. To rotate an image 90 degrees counter-clockwise in place:

cl> imtranspose image[*,-*] image


It is currently not legal to transpose images with a wcs type of MULTISPEC.


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