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imverify -- Verify that an image has been copied correctly.


imverify input1 input2


This task compares pixels in two images, verifying that the files are identical. If the pixels at the same position within the respective images are equal, the task produces no output. If two pixels are different, the task prints a line on STDOUT with the pixel number and a list of any bits within the pixel that differ. If at least one pixel differs, the task prints a summary line with the total number of bits different between the two images. If the image name does not contain a group specification or image subsection, every group in the image will be verified. Otherwise only the specified group or image subsection will be verified. This task is used to verify that a storage method or communications link does not corrupt pixels within an image.


input[file name template]
Name of the first image, or first set of images, to examine.
input[file name template]
The name of the second image or second set of images to examine. The number of images, the pixel type, and the dimensions of each image must agree with that of the corresponding image in the first set.
(maxdif = 999) [integer, min=1, max=INDEF]
Maximum number of bits that can differ before the task terminates. This parameter prevents the task from generating excessive output when two completely different images are compared.


1. Compare the images spectrum1.hhh and spectrum2.hhh.

  im> imverify spectrum1.hhh spectrum2.hhh




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