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isoexam -- Interactive exam of isophote table using the image display.


isoexam table


The isoexam task takes as input a table generated by task ellipse. It displays the original image in the gray-scale image display (or alternatively uses a contour plot in the graphics window), and superposes on it all ellipses contained in the table.

After graphing the ellipses, control goes to the image (or graphics) cursor, where the same commands available in the ellipse task for display/roam/zoom, are available to examine the image and the fitted ellipses.

The image display server (Ximtool, SAOimage) must be present before starting this task. It uses frame buffer #1.


table [file name]
Table containing the results of isophotometry analysis (i.e., the table produced by ellipse).
(dqf = "") [file name]
Data Quality File name or extension. This is used to plot masked-out pixels on the image/graphics display. If set to "none", eventually existing DQF is ignored.
(device = "red") [string, allowed values:
|stdgraph |white |red |green |blue |yellow] Interactive device. For gray-scale image servers (Ximtool, SAOimage), use color of graphics overlay. Server process must be already activated at workstation. For standard IRAF line-graphics, use stdgraph.
(icommands = "") [*imcur]
Optional file with image cursor commands. If left empty, task will read standard "imcur" input when in interactive mode.
(gcommands = "") [*gcur]
Optional file with graphics cursor commands. If left empty, task will read standard "gcur" input when in interactive mode.



To speed up plotting, the task has to read the full image array into memory. In memory-tight environments and when dealing with large images, it may bomb out with "Out of memory" error.


This task was written by I.Busko


iscursor, ellipse, isoimap, display, contour

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