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isopall stsdas.analysis.isophote



isopall -- Plot "all" results of the isophotal analysis.


isopall input xaxis


The isopall task summarizes results of the ellipse isophote fitting task in a graphic format.

The main table generated by ellipse is used as input for this task. The xaxis parameter specifies the table column containing abcissa data and can be set to either SMA or RSMA. Nine graphs will be plotted together in the same viewport, in a 3 x 3 arrangement.

This task is a script which repeatedly calls the sgraph task to do the actual plotting. The individual plots are kept in a temporary file, which is later used as input to the tasks gkimosaic and stdgraph.

The stplot and plot packages must be loaded before running this task.


input [file name]
Table created by ellipse.
xaxis = "" [string, Allowed values: SMA | RSMA]
Column name from which abcissa data will be read.
(device = "stdgraph")
Graphics output device.



The plot may be cluttered with several headers produced by sgraph because of the way the character font for the graphic window is chosen. Sometimes characters from the axis labels are superimposed, or disappear completely. A much better looking result is achieved, however, when plotting directly to "stdplot".


This task was written by I.Busko


isoplot, sgraph, ellipse

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