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#  PSET file for image header keywords used by RV package

ra,s,h,"RA",,,"Right Ascension keyword"
dec,s,h,"DEC",,,"Declination keyword"
ut,s,h,"UT",,,"UT of observation keyword"
utmiddle,s,h,"UTMIDDLE",,,"UT of mid-point of observation keyword"
exptime,s,h,"EXPTIME",,,"Exposure time keyword"
epoch,s,h,"EPOCH",,,"Epoch of observation keyword"
date_obs,s,h,"DATE-OBS",,,"Date of observation keyword
# Output Image Header Keywords
hjd,s,h,"HJD",,,"Heliocentric Julian date keyword"
mjd_obs,s,h,"MJD-OBS",,,"Modified Julian Date of observation keyword"
vobs,s,h,"VOBS",,,"Observed velocity keyword"
vrel,s,h,"VREL",,,"Relative velocity keyword"
vhelio,s,h,"VHELIO",,,"Heliocentric velocity keyword"
vlsr,s,h,"VLSR",,,"LSR velocity keyword"
vsun,s,h,"VSUN",,,"Epoch of solar motion keyword"

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