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lparam language



lparam -- list the parameters of a task or pset


lparam pset [pset ...]


The name of the parameter set to be listed.


Lparam lists one or more parameter sets. Psets are specified either by the name of the task with which the pset is associated, or by filename (pset files have the ".par" extension). If a file type pset is listed the extension must be included, since it is the presence or absence of the filename extension which lparam uses to distinguish between task-psets and named (file) psets.

Each parameter is listed on a single line with the following format:

param = value prompt string

Here "param" is the name of the parameter, "value" is the current value of the parameter (blank if undefined), and "prompt string" is the prompt for the parameter, if any. If the parameter is hidden, then the line is enclosed in parentheses. For arrays, instead of the values, a list of the dimensionalities is given. The eparam task may be used to examine or edit the contents of an array. When more than one task is listed the task name is prefixed to the list of each tasks parameters.


1. List the parameter for the task delete . Note that the positional parameters are listed first, in the order in which they must be specified on the command line, followed by the hidden parameters.

cl> lparam delete
        files = "temp"          list of files to be deleted
     go_ahead = yes              ?
      (verify = no)             verify operation before deleting each file?
(default_acti = yes)            default delete action for verify query
 (allversions = yes)            delete all versions of each file
    (subfiles = yes)            delete any subfiles of each file
        (mode = "ql")           

2. List the contents of the file pset "delete.par". Named psets such as this are most commonly produced using the ":w filename" colon command in eparam , e.g., to prepare several different versions of the parameter set for a task.

cl> lparam delete.par


You cannot list the parameters of a task that does not have a parameter file (e.g., all builtin tasks).


eparam, dparam, cache

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