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lprint -- print a file or files


lprint files


A filename template specifying the files to be printed.
device = "printer"
The output device. If the value of device is the reserved string "printer", the name of the actual printer device is taken from the value of the environment variable "printer".
map_cc = yes
If set to "yes", any unprintable characters embedded in the text are printed in the form "^X", where ^A is <ctrl/A> (ASCII 1), and so on.
paginate = "auto"
If paginate is set to "auto" and the standard input is not redirected, pages are broken and a header is printed at the top of each page. If paginate is set to "auto" and the standard input is redirected, the input text is not paginated, allowing proper operation when lprint is used in a pipe, e.g., taking input from help . If "paginate" is set to "yes", pages are broken even if the input text is being read from STDIN.
label = "STDIN"
If displaying a header with input from the standard input, use the "label" string where the filename would appear in a normal header.


The named files, or the standard input, are printed on the standard line printer device. Each file is printed starting at the top of a new page, with a header giving the page number and the date of last modification for the file. Pagination and headers are normally suppressed when reading input from the standard input, but may be enabled if desired.


1. Print all files with an extension of either ".x" or ".h", followed by all files with the extension ".com". Note that filename sorting occurs only within a comma delimited field of the filename template, hence the "*.[xh]" files are printed in sort order, followed by the ".com" files.

cl> lprint *.[xh],*.com

2. Print the output of the imstat task on the versatec printer, paginating the output with the given label on each page. Note that the command may be broken after the "pipe" chararacter without need for explicit backslash continuation.

	cl> imstat nite1.* |
	>>> lprint pag+ label="Image Statistics" device=versatec



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