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makeimages -- Magnetogram batch processing script


makeimages input_root output_root


Root name for input files.
Root name of output files.


Makeimages processes 5 magnetograms from raw data tape images into projected small [180x180] maps. The input images are expected be output from T2D, be in the current imdir, and have the extensions 001 through 005. The output files are stored in the current directory with the extensions a1, a2, a3, b1, etc. The output image coding scheme is the following:

	On the filename extensions the first character is a letter
	corresponding to the tape file position.
		a = first file on tape
		b = second
		e = fifth

	The second character specifies which type of image this is.
		1 = data
		2 = absolute value
		3 = weights

Note: A logical directory called "scratch" must be set up before this program is run. This logical directory must point to the directory containing the input images. This can be set up as in the following example:

vt> set scratch = "scr1:[recely]"

where this particular directory is a VAX/VMS type name. If the image files are in the user's home directory then "scratch" can be set to "home".

Makeimages calls readvt, quickfit, rmap, delete, and imdelete and is a cl script.


1. To process five magnetograms with root name m1585 and produce output images with the root name M1585, the command would be.

	vt> makeimages m1585 M1585


readvt, quickfit, rmap, delete, imdelete

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