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makewcs -- Produce WCS keywords for a dss scanned image plate header.


makewcs input


The makewcs task will create the World Coordinate System (WCS) keywords in the image header of the Digital Scan Survey subimages. These subimages contain the keywords CNPIX1 and CNPIX2 indicating the lower left corner of the subimage with respect to the lower left corner of the original image. Early versions of these subimage headers had the keywords CRPIX1 and CRPIX2; the program will rename these keywords to the new ones CNPIX1 and CNPIX2.

Headers for the original scanned images lack WCS keywords---namely, the CD, CRPIX, and CRVAL keywords. The task then takes the plate solution from the image header and calculates the CRVAL keyword values for the center of the subimage. The CD values are calculated by solving for a grid of 100 equally spaced points in the image.


input [file name]
The input image header. This can be one or more images header files. Only the header name should be specified. Templates are allowed.
(verbose = yes) [boolean]
Do you want the name of the file header currently being processed to be displayed? Any error messages displayed can then be tracked to the offending image.


1. Calculate the WCS keywords for all images matching the template nepp*.hhh.

     ga> makewcs  nepp*.hhh



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