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mkapropos -- Make the apropos database.


mkapropos pkglist aproposdb


The mkapropos task descends a tree of help directory (.hd) files and compiles a text database from the information found there, specifically from the package menu files (.men).

The apropos database is used to speed global searches when information is requested for a particular subject. Each line of the apropos database contains the name of the task or package, along with a brief description (from the .men files) and its package.

By default, mkapropos parameters are set to recompile the standard IRAF, NOAO, and STSDAS apropos database (placed in stsdas$lib/apropos.db), although any other similar database may be recompiled, for example, for other add-on packages such as xray and ctio.

Additionally, you can build apropos databases for your own packages.


pkglist = "iraf, noao, stsdas" [string]
The names of the packages to examine when building the apropos database. By default, the IRAF, NOAO, and STSDAS packages are used. Any IRAF external package may be included.
helpdir = "lib/root.hd" [string]
The filename of the root help directory file (.hd file) defining the help tree to be updated. This string is appended to each of the packages listed in the pkglist parameter above.
aproposdb = "stsdas$lib/apropos.db" [string]
The filename of the apropos database to be written.
verbose = no [boolean]
Print a detailed description of the help database as it is compiled?

A more concise summary listing only the packages and the number of help modules in each package is printed by default.


1. Update the stsdas package apropos database.

  cl> mkapropos stsdas lib/root.hd stsdas$lib/apropos.db

2. Update a user apropos database.

  cl> mkap pkglist=home helpdir=myroot.hd aproposdb=my.db


apropos, mkhelpdb

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