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mkimage -- Make or modify and image with simple values


mkimage image option value [ndim dims]


Image to create or modify.
Editing option which is one one of the following:
Make a new image of the specifed size, dimensionality, pixel type, and values.
Replace pixel values in the image.
Add to the pixel values in the image.
Multiply the pixel values in the image.
Mean pixel value to be used.
Number of dimensions when creating a new image.
Image dimensions given as a white space separated string (see the examples).
pixtype = "real"
Pixel datatype when creating an image. The types are "real", "short", "integer", "long", and "double".
slope = 0.
Slope of pixel values per pixel.
sigma = 0.
Gaussian noise of pixel values if not zero.
seed = 0
Seed for random numbers. If zero then the first time the task is called a seed of 1 is used and all subsequent calls while the task is in the process cache continue with new random numbers.


An image is created or modified using simple values. This task is intended for test and demonstration purposes. A image may be created of a specified size, dimensionality, and pixel datatype. The pixel values used in creating or editing an image consist of a sloped plane (which repeats for dimensions greater than 2) with pseudo-Gaussian noise. The sloped plane is defined such that:

pix[i,j] = value + slope * ((ncols + nlines) / 2 - 1) + slope * (i + j)

where i and j are the pixel indices (starting with 1) and ncols and nlines are the number of columns and lines. The interpretation of "value" is that it is the mean of the plane. The Gaussian noise is only approximately random for purposes of speed!


1. To create an 2 dimensional real image of size 100 x 200 with all zero values:

cl> mkimage name make 0 2 "100 200"

Note that the dimension string is quoted because of the blank separated values.

2. To add noise with a sigma of 5:

cl> mkimage name add 0 sigma=5

2. To replace a region of the image with the value 10:

cl> mkimage name[10:20,30:40] replace 10


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