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mkmanpage -- create and edit a new manual page


mkmanage module


The name of the program to be documented, i.e., the name that will appear at the top of the manual page, and the root name of the ".hlp" file to be created.
clformat = yes
Make a CL format manual page template?
cltemplate = "doc$mancl.hlp"
Filename of the template file for a CL manual page.
xtemplate = "doc$manx.hlp"
Filename of the template file for a library procedure manual page.


The mkmanpage task is used to create a fill-in-the-blanks type template, to be edited to create the manual page for the named help module or task. Depending upon the type of manual page to be created, mkmanpage copies the template file to the current directory, creating a new file with the name "module.hlp", where module is the name entered on the command line. The editor is called up to edit the file and the task exits.


1. Make a new manual page for task "page".

cl> mkmanpage page

The task creates a file "page.hlp" in the current directory, and calls up the editor to edit the new file.


mkhelpdb, help, lroff

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