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mosaic_display -- Display a list of images in a single frame buffer.


mosaic_display images


This task takes a list of image names and displays all the images within a single frame buffer of an image display using the task. Images are placed in the display frame buffer starting at the upper left and proceeding horizontally to the right and vertically down. If either (or both) of the ncols and nrows parameters is undefined, the images are arranged in as close to a square format as possible. If ncols and nrows are defined, the images are layed out as specified. The values of ncols and nrows should be specified such that ncols * nrows > number of images to display.

Two options are available for modifying the scaling parameters of the displayed images. If all that is passed to mosaic_display is a list of images, the current settings of the display's parameters are used for each image. However, you can specify different scaling parameters to be used for a particular image by creating a file containing the list of images to be displayed and specifying the scaling parameters in that file (see the examples below). Specifically, after each image name, you specify in a comma-seperated list all the display parameters you want for that particular image.

Finally, for image displays that support more than one buffer, you can specify which buffer with the frame parameter.


images = "" [file]
The image or list of images to display.
(ncols = INDEF) [integer]
The number of columns in which the images will be displayed. This parameter and the parameter nrows define the geometry of how the images will be placed in the display buffer.
(nrows = INDEF) [integer]
The number of rows in which the images will appear.
(frame = 1) [integer]
Frame buffer of the display used to display the images.


1. Display all the images the begin with "image.*":

  st> mosaic_display image.*

2. If the number of files beginning with "image.*" were 8, the above would appear in a 3 x 3 square with the lower right position left empty. If you wanted the images to be display in a 4 x 2 grid:

  st> mosaic_display image.* ncols=4 nrows=2

3. If you wanted to display the images with a logarithmic scaling instead of the default linear scaling, all you would need to do is:

  st> display.ztrans="log"
  st> mosaic_display image.*

4. If you wanted to modify the scaling parameters for each image individually, you can create a file like image.list, below:

Contents of image.list:


and display them with the command:

  st> mosaic_display @image.list

image.1 and image.3 would be displayed with the display parameters specified before execution of mosaic_display. image.2 would be displayed with logarithmic scaling, and image.4 would be displayed with the scaling being performed between 10 and 1000. See the display task for more information and available scaling parameters.



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