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mosdisplay stsdas.hst_calib.nicmos



mosdisplay -- Display a mosaic of NICMOS or WFC3/IR MultiAccum images


mosdisplay input frame


Display all the readouts of a MultiAccum image by mosaicing them into a single image display buffer, using the "" task. Any of the SCI, ERR, DQ, SAMP, or TIME image extensions can be displayed. Images starting with the zeroth-read are placed in the display frame buffer starting at the upper left and proceeding horizontally to the right and vertically down to later readouts. If either or both of the "ncols" and "nrows" parameters are undefined, the images are arranged in the smallest sized square format possible. If "ncols" and "nrows" are defined, the images are layed out as specified.

A subset of the "display" task image scaling parameters are available directly to set the desired intensity transfer function parameters. Note that any settings will be applied globally to all readouts displayed.


input [file]
Input MultiAccum image to display.
frame [integer]
Display frame to be loaded.
(ncols = INDEF) [integer]
The number of columns in which the images will be displayed. This parameter and the parameter "nrows" define the geometry of how the images will be placed in the display buffer.
(nrows = INDEF) [integer]
The number of rows in which the images will appear.
(extname = "sci") [string, allowed values: sci | err | dq | samp | time]
Extension name (EXTNAME keyword value) of images to display.
(zscale = yes) [boolean]
Apply an automatic intensity mapping algorithm when loading the images? See the "display" task for details.
(zrange = yes) [boolean]
If not using the automatic mapping algorithm (zscale = no) map the full range of the image intensity to the full range of the display? See the "display" task for details.
(z1, z= INDEF) [real]
Minimum and maximum image intensity to be mapped to the minimum and maximum display levels. These values only apply when not using the automatic or range intensity mapping methods.
(number = no) [boolean]
Overlay IMSET numbers on the displayed images using the "tvmark" task?
(tvmcolor = 204) [integer]
Color for "tvmark" to use when overlaying IMSET numbers.
(tvmtxsize = 1) [integer]
Text size for "tvmark" to use when overlaying IMSET numbers.


1. Display the 12 SCI images of file n3v801e3q_ima.fits in frame buffer 1. The images will be automatically arranged into a 4 x 3 (horizontal x vertical) grid and each readout will be autoscaled.

 cl> mosdisplay n3v801e3q_ima.fits 1

2. Display the 12 DQ images in file n3v801e3q_ima.fits, setting the intensity mapping limits.

 cl> mosdisplay n3v801e3q_ima.fits 1 ext=dq zsc- zra- z1=0 z2=2048



Author: Howard Bushouse, SSB


display, tvmark, mosaic_display

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