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mscan -- Read sector scans from tape into IRAF images


mscan input


File template or device, e.g. "junk" or "s*" or "mta1600[1]" or "mtb800"
List of tape file numbers or ranges delimited by commas, e.g. "1-3,5-8". `Files' is requested only if no file number is given in `input' and the input is tape. Files will be read in ascending order, regardless of the order of the list. Reading will terminate if EOT is reached, thus a list such as "1-999" may be used to read all the files on the tape.
verbose = yes
Flag to signal program that it should produce verbose output. This means header information.
makeimage = yes
Flag to signal the program that it should make images. If this parameter is set to no, the header will be read and decoded but no data will be read and no image will be produced on disk.
brief = yes
Flag to make mscan produce brief filenames for the output images. These filenames have the form [svb]nnn e.g. s034 or b122. The b is for a brightness image, the v is for a velocity image, and the s is for a select image. The nnn is the tape sequence number or the filenumber in a template expansion. If this flag is set to false the long filenames described below in the 'Description" section will be produced.
select = yes
Flag to tell the program to make a select image.
bright = yes
Flag to tell the program to make a brightness image.
velocity = yes
Flag to tell the program to make a velocity image.
DESCRIPTION Mscan reads all or selected area scans from a vacuum telescope tape and formats the data into multiple IRAF images. Type 1, 2, and 3 area scans can produce 3 output images and type 4 produces one output image. The long image names are assembled in the following way:

     The first letter is one of [bsv] for brightness, select, or velocity.
     The next two digits are the day of the month.
     The next 4 digits are the hour and minute.
     Finally there is a three digit tape sequence number.



1. To read files 5-7 from mta at 1600 bpi, the command would be:

	vt> mscan mta1600 5-7

2. To see the header information only for file 6, one could use the command:

	vt> mscan mta1600[6] make-

3. To read file 4 from mta and only produce a velocity image:

	vt> mscan mta[4] bri- sel-

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